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Nanoprime is a water-based prime coat technology and it penetrates, waterproofs and chemically bonds the material to the prescribed surfacing option.
  • The product chemically bonds to the base
  • It will also waterproof the base
  • The quick-dry technology allows for priming in winter and at night.
  • The use of cationic emulsion aids in the quick-drying process.
  • This quick-drying prevents pick-up

The preferred mix ratio is:

NanoPrime : CAT60 : Water
1        :  100     :   200     and is sprayed at 1 litre / m2


Nanotak silane nanotechnology is a reactive bonding technology which forms alkyl siloxane (Si-O-Si) bonds. This creates an asphalt loving surface for the aggregate and ensures tack-less tack coat using water based cationic bitumen emulsion.
  • Chemically bonds to the base forming strong adhesion
  • Increases the coating of the aggregate to 100%
  • Waterproofs the base 100%
  • Eliminates nozzle clogging
  • Due to the quick-drying process, (30 min – 1 hour) it reduces pick-up and becomes tack-less

NanoTak : CAT60 : Water
1.4        :  100     :   200     and is sprayed at 0.5 litre / m2

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