Routine Road Maintenance

Pothole Repair / RoadFill 2MPa+ – ‘cold-mix’ type base repair kit

RoadFill 2MPa+ is a high strength nano-modified bitumen emulsion with other key ingredients. It is a ‘cold-mix’ type application that is cost effective, simple to use that provides permanent pavement repairs for surface failures, pot-holes, utility cuts, shoulders & edge repairs, man-hole surrounds and the effective re-instatement of test-pits for centerline investigations.

Fixing potholes has never been easier. No machines required, no cutting required and the simplicity is uniquley aligned to EPWP and will enable job creation throughout Africa.
RoadFill 2MPa+ contains no contaminants and is safe for human handling without the need of any protective clothing.

Pavement Plaster

Pavement Plaster – Instant Wearing Course Application

Pavement Plaster is a specifically and neatly designed wearing course application applied over damaged surface failures, pavement patches and potholes. The Plaster is applied after the specified ‘fill’ has been added and compacted.

Pavement Plaster is a pre-fabricated plaster consisting of PMB’s (Polymer Modified Binders), key ingredients and activators and selected (or client specified) aggregates that have been solidly embedded on a bituminous cardboard or paper.


This product operates like the Nanosil product but has added UV protective quality to the liquid.


Pavement Plaster – Instant Wearing Course Application

  • 100% organosilane, water-soluble, reactive soil modifier
  • Reduces water permeability of soil bases whilst maintaining 100% vapour permeability
  • Forms a breathable waterproofed stone base layer
  • Maintains frictional values between silt, sand, clay particles leading to retention of strength and resistance to deformation
  • Maintains dry CBR in wet conditions

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