GE-NANO can be Used for Various Layer Stabilization Types

GE-NANO is a nano-modified bitumen emulsion (NME), which has been combined with purpose-built, mineral-specific liquid technology to create a high-strength soil stabilizer with improved soil waterproofing properties without requiring the use of cement.

The NME product is a high-strength soil stabilizer with improved waterproofing qualities. Given the properties of the liquid, GE-NANO can be used to stabilize soil in the following applications:


  1. Base layer wearing course for gravel & mine haulage roads not requiring a surface
  2. Gravel upgrade to a surfaced road
  3. Base layer stabilistion or a rehabilitated road or area (petrol station forecourt
  4. Specific structural foundation layers to deliver a C4 design without the use of cement
  5. Base layer for parking areas and petrol station forecourts
  6. Gravel Airstrips
  • GE-NANO does not require heat for any material handling, storage or pumping.
  • GE-NANO is added to the compaction moisture at ambient temperatures.
  • The setup time in dry weather when constructing a pavement layer with GE-NANO is 48 hours.
  • No special curing or curing time is required after the layer work is completed.
  • The nanotechnology mixed with emulsion impart water resistance by forming a chemically-bonded nano-coating around the soil particle.
  • Due to the reduced amount of GE-NANO used in a layer in comparison to the traditional emulsion treated layer, storage facilities can be reduced.
  • The bitumen emulsion quantity required of GE-NANO is reduced by approximatley 50% in comparison to the traditional bitumen emulsion and cement treated material.
  • GE-NANO reduces the amount of water to be hauled to remote sites due to reduced amount of bitumen emulsion used in treating the layer.
  • After five (5) days in storage GE-NANO can be agitated by means of mechanical stirrers, pump circulation or drum rolling.

• No thermal or stabilization cracks are introduced
into the pavement layer

• GE-NANO, within the pavement layer has more
flexibility than that of a chemically treated
pavement layer

• Similar unconfined compression strengths (UCS)
are achieved as traditional emulsion treated
material with cement.

• Dosage rate is between 0.5% to 2% of the MDD
of the material.

• The inclusion of GE-NANO typically improves the
compactibility due to the adhesion improvement
of the mortar of the material.

• The use of GE-NANO in bypasses eliminates the
high cost of construction of deviations.

• The elimination of constructing deviations and
bypasses reduces the construction program
time allowing for the continuous application of
the final wearing course.

• Since GE-NANO is dispersed amongst the finer
aggregate particles, the fines are encapsulated
and immobilized causing a reduction in ‘pumping’

• GE-NANO improves the moisture sensitivity and
durability of the treated materials. This will
elongate the life of the layer by reducing the
exposure to weathering.

• The process has significant advantages in terms
of environmental considerations with
conservation of natural aggregates and a
reduction in transport, material wastage, noise,
exhaust, dust emissions and traffic disruptions.

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